Monday, June 4, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

In conjunction with ICSE'12

ICSE 2012

Accepted Papers

Technical Papers

  • An Accurate Estimation of the Levenshtein Distance Using Metric Trees and Manhattan Distance
    Thierry Lavoie and Ettore Merlo
  • A novel approach based on formal methods for clone detection
    Antonio Cuomo, Antonella Santone and Umberto Villano
  • Claims and Beliefs about Code Clones: Do We Agree As A Community? A Survey
    Debarshi Chatterji, Jeffrey Carver and Nicholas A. Kraft (Winner - People's Choice Award for Best Technical Paper!)
  • Clone detection using rolling hashing, suffix trees and dagification: A case study
    Mikkel Jonsson Thomsen and Fritz Henglein
  • Dispersion of Changes in Cloned and Non-cloned Code
    Manishankar Mondal, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin A. Schneider
  • Java Bytecode Clone Detection via Relaxation on Code Fingerprint and Semantic Web Reasoning
    Iman Keivanloo, Chanchal K. Roy and Juergen Rilling
  • Mining Object-Oriented Design Models for Detecting Identical Design Structures
    Umut Tekin, Ural Erdemir and Feza Buzluca
  • Safe clone-based refactoring through stereotype identification and iso-generation
    Nic Volanschi

Industrial Experience Papers

  • A Case Study on Applying Clone Technology to an Industrial Application Framework
    Eray Tüzün and Emre Er
  • A Method for Proactive Moderation of Code Clones in IDEs
    Radhika Venkatasubramanyam, Himanshu Singh and K Ravikanth
  • Industrial Application of Clone Change Management System
    Yuki Yamanaka, Eunjong Choi, Norihiro Yoshida, Katsuro Inoue and Tateki Sano

Short Papers

  • A Common Conceptual Model for Clone Detection Results
    Cory Kapser, Jan Harder and Ira Baxter
  • Conte*t Clones or Re-thinking Clone on a Call Graph
    Toshihiro Kamiya
  • Filtering Clones for Individual User based on Machine Learning Analysis
    Jiachen Yang, Keisuke Hotta, Yoshiki Higo, Hiroshi Igaki and Shinji Kusumoto
  • Near-miss Model Clone Detection for Simulink Models
    Manar Alalfi, James R. Cordy, Thomas Dean, Matthew Stephan and Andrew Stevenson
  • Semantic Clone Detection Using Method IOE Behavior
    Rochelle Elva and Gary T. Leavens
  • Shuffling and Randomization for Scalable Source Code Clone Detection
    Iman Keivanloo, Chanchal K. Roy, Juergen Rilling and Philippe Charland
  • Towards Qualitative Comparison of Simulink Model Clone Detection Approaches
    Matthew Stephan, Manar Alalfi, Andrew Stevenson and James R. Cordy
  • Using Edge Bundle Views for Clone Visualization
    Benedikt Hauptmann, Veronika Bauer and Maximilian Junker (Winner - People's Choice Award for Best Posotion Paper!)
  • We Have All of the Clones, Now What? Toward Integrating Clone Analysis into Software Quality Assessment
    Wei Wang and Michael Godfrey
  • What Clone Coverage Can Tell
    Nils Göde, Benjamin Hummel and Elmar Juergens

Tool demonstrations

  • Ctcompare: Code Clone Detection Using Hashed Token Sequences
    Warren Toomey
  • Experience of Finding Inconsistently-Changed Bugs in Code Clones of Mobile Software
    Katsuro Inoue, Yoshiki Higo, Norihiro Yoshida, Eunjong Choi, Shinji Kusumoto, Kyonghwan Kim, Wonjin Park and Eunha Lee
  • Visualizing Code Clone Outbreak: An Industrial Case Study
    Kentaro Yoshimura and Ryota Mibe