Monday, June 4, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

In conjunction with ICSE'12

ICSE 2012


09:00Welcome and Opening (5 min)
09:05Session 1: Detection I
09:05Full papers (15 min each)
An Accurate Estimation of the Levenshtein Distance Using Metric Trees and Manhattan Distance
Thierry Lavoie and Ettore Merlo
Java Bytecode Clone Detection via Relaxation on Code Fingerprint and Semantic Web Reasoning
Iman Keivanloo, Chanchal K. Roy and Juergen Rilling
Clone Detection Using Rolling Hashing, Suffix Trees and Dagification: A Case Study
Mikkel Jonsson Thomsen and Fritz Henglein
09:50Position papers (5 min each)
A Common Conceptual Model for Clone Detection Results
Cory Kapser, Jan Harder and Ira Baxter
Filtering Clones for Individual User Based on Machine Learning Analysis
Jiachen Yang, Keisuke Hotta, Yoshiki Higo, Hiroshi Igaki and Shinji Kusumoto
Shuffling and Randomization for Scalable Source Code Clone Detection
Iman Keivanloo, Chanchal K. Roy, Juergen Rilling and Philippe Charland
10:05Discussion (25 min)
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Session 2: Detection II
11:00Full papers (15 min each)
A Novel Approach Based on Formal Methods for Clone Detection
Antonio Cuomo, Antonella Santone and Umberto Villano
Mining Object-Oriented Design Models for Detecting Identical Design Structures
Umut Tekin, Ural Erdemir and Feza Buzluca
Safe Clone-Based Refactoring through Stereotype Identification and ISO-Generation
Nic Volanschi
11:45Position papers (5 min each)
Near-Miss Model Clone Detection for Simulink Models
Manar Alalfi, James R. Cordy, Thomas Dean, Matthew Stephan and Andrew Stevenson
Semantic Clone Detection Using Method IOE-Behavior
Rochelle Elva and Gary T. Leavens
Towards Qualitative Comparison of Simulink Model Clone Detection Approaches
Matthew Stephan, Manar Alalfi, Andrew Stevenson and James R. Cordy
Conte*t Clones or Re-thinking Clone on a Call Graph
Toshihiro Kamiya
12:05Discussion (25 min)
12:30Lunch Break
14:00Session 3: Management
14:00Full papers (15 min each)
Claims and Beliefs about Code Clones: Do We Agree as a Community? A Survey
Debarshi Chatterji, Jeffrey Carver and Nicholas A. Kraft
Dispersion of Changes in Cloned and Non-cloned Code
Manishankar Mondal, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin A. Schneider
14:30Position papers (5 min each)
Using Edge Bundle Views for Clone Visualization
Benedikt Hauptmann, Veronika Bauer and Maximilian Junker
We Have All of the Clones, Now What? Toward Integrating Clone Analysis into Software Quality Assessment
Wei Wang and Michael Godfrey
What Clone Coverage Can Tell
Nils Göde, Benjamin Hummel and Elmar Juergens
14:45Discussion (25 min)
15:10Tools (5 min each)
Ctcompare: Code Clone Detection Using Hashed Token Sequences
Warren Toomey
Experience of Finding Inconsistently-Changed Bugs in Code Clones of Mobile Software
Katsuro Inoue, Yoshiki Higo, Norihiro Yoshida, Eunjong Choi, Shinji Kusumoto, Kyonghwan Kim, Wonjin Park and Eunha Lee
Visualizing Code Clone Outbreak: An Industrial Case Study
Kentaro Yoshimura and Ryota Mibe
15:30Coffee Break + Tool Demonstrations
16:00Session 4: Industrial Track
16:00Industrial Papers (10 min each)
A Case Study on Applying Clone Technology to an Industrial Application Framework
Eray Tüzün and Emre Er
A Method for Proactive Moderation of Code Clones in IDEs
Radhika Venkatasubramanyam, Himanshu Singh and K Ravikanth
Industrial Application of Clone Change Management System
Yuki Yamanaka, Eunjong Choi, Norihiro Yoshida, Katsuro Inoue and Tateki Sano
16:30Discussion (15min)
16:45Panel Discussion (35min)
17:20Awards and Closing (10 min)
19:00Unofficial dinner at Zeughauskeller (Pay by yourself)