Monday, June 4, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

In conjunction with ICSE'12

ICSE 2012

Workshop Format

Presentation Sessions with Discussion Panel

Each of the three first sessions will begin with a set of full paper and position paper presentations on related topics, followed by an open discussion of the issues raised moderated by the session chair. A session on industrial paper presentation is also followed by an open discussion.

  • Full presentations are limited to 15 minutes, including a clarification question
  • Industrial papers are limited to 10 minutes total
  • Position papers are limited to 5 minutes total
  • Session chairs will strictly enforce time limits since we have a very full program.

Presenters will form an open discussion panel following the presentations, with the discussion seeded by questions raised by the presenters.

  • Each presenter will be asked to pose the one most important question raised by his or her work
  • The question is put to the audience and other panel members for comment (or solution!) in an open discussion moderated by the session chair.

The afternoon coffee break is used for tool demonstrations. They are introduced by 5 minute presentations before the coffee break.

The day will end with a rotating panel discussion on the future of clone research, beginning with four young members of the community. This will give us an opportunity to identify and share research questions and directions for now and the future.

People's Choice Award

There will be two prizes offered for the best presentation at the workshop as judged by the attendees. The IWSC 2012 People's Choice Award will be given to the authors of the paper presentation that receives the most votes at the workshop. One award is for the best full paper presentation and the other for the best position paper.

  • People's Choice Award for Best Technical Paper has been given to "Claims and Beliefs about Code Clones: Do We Agree as a Community? A Survey" Debarshi Chatterji, Jeffrey Carver and Nicholas A. Kraft
  • People's Choice Award for Best Position Paper has been given to "Using Edge Bundle Views for Clone Visualization" Benedikt Hauptmann, Veronika Bauer and Maximilian Junker